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“As someone who has seen countless documentaries, I feel strongly that Andersen’s SONGPOET is one of the best. Paul Lamont has made the rare film that actually creatively captures the beauty, intelligence, and emotion of an artist’s music in movie form.”
 -Tom Needham, The Sounds of Film

"The camera has always loved Eric Andersen and we can be grateful that at long last he has trusted film makers Paul Lamont and Scott Sackett with painting this most personal of portraits...Prepare yourself as layer by layer, in hypnotic sequence, one is bewitched - seeing and feeling every unexpected twist and turn."

 - Carolyn Hester, Singer/Songwriter

"The Songpoet…is an archaeological dig in lyric form…

a jewel of rare beauty…What makes the film stand shoulders

above its biopic peers is both its richly crafted cinematic

beauty and its philosophical insistence on the artist as a being

formed in the crucible of relationships."

 Augusta Palmer, Filmmaker

Lamont possesses a photographer’s eye…If Andersen is the “Songpoet,” then Lamont must be the “filmpoet.” This is a fine match of subject and documentary.
- John Kruth, Author, Musician





By 1967, the stage had been set for Greenwich Village folk musician Eric Andersen to be catapulted to international fame, rising above his contemporaries of the time. But the death of his newly acquired manager, famed Beatles impresario Brian Epstein, turned his career upside down. Five years later, he found himself again on the brink of commercial success only to suffer another devastating blow that threw his future into uncertainty. The Songpoet dives deep into conflicts of career, ego, relationships and the unrelenting pursuit of one’s purpose as it explores what it takes to keep moving forward. This is the sometimes tragic, but surprisingly uplifting story of

Eric Andersen,

"The Songpoet."

Principal filming began in December, 2011 in Buffalo, NY and wrapped in January, 2017 in Norway. During that time, there were multiple research trips to Eric Andersen's personal archives in The Netherlands as well as shoots in Canada, the United States and Europe.  


Eric Andersen

Debbie Green

Tom Paxton

John Sebastian

Willie Nile

Lenny Kaye

Clive Davis

Happy Traum

Anthony DeCurtis

Norbert Putnam

Sonny Ochs

Danny Fields

Arthur Levy

Ian MacFadyen

Jonas Fjeld

Robert Aaron

Roland Van Campenhout

Werner Meyer

Steve Addabbo

Amy Herot

Unni Askeland

Marilyn Crispell

Inge Andersen

Sari Andersen 

Svein Storberget

Peggy Duncan Garner

Filmed on location in

Alexandria, Virginia

Amersfoort, Netherlands

Buffalo, New York

Charleville, France

Cologne, Germany

Drammen, Norway

Driebergen, Netherlands

Jessheim, Norway

Kløfta, Norway

Langesund, Norway

Los Angeles, California

Middleburgh, New York

Nashville, Tennessee

New York City, New York

Noordwijk, Norway

Piermont, New York

Toronto, Canada

Utrecht, Netherlands

Woodstock, New York




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