"One of my favorite music films of the year...a very poetic film that balances it’s material carefully and treats the artist in focus with respect...An honor to have it as the opening film of Musikfilm Festivalen 2019".

                Morten Tang - Press and Editorial Director, Danish Film Institute   

 "Wow...beautiful...After watching the film, I felt like I knew Eric Andersen as a person...but as an artist, I feel like

I know him a whole lot more."     Doug Jayne - Northern California Public media

"It's a portrait of a creative genius swept up in the currents around him and sometimes dashed against the rocks...Andersen is deeply changed by these encounters but continues moving steadily ahead on his own runaway train...The stories and images are indelible and deeply compelling."      Augusta Palmer - Filmmaker

“It is a terrific film, a poignant biography, a mystery, a musical feast and a love story…

The Songpoet…is haunting.”

           David Rosenthal-  Editor-at-Large. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers

"A touching, authentic artistic journey that appears very true to the subject."

            Aaron Brookner -  Writer/Director

 "It's a Gem" 

Michael Albright - Programming Director

Santa Barbara International Film Festival

"Beautiful, rich, captivating!  

A rare view into some deeper aspects  

of the often complicated life/art intersections."

 Lars Movin, - Writer and Filmmaker

"Starting out along with Joplin, Hendrix, and Dylan, Eric Andersen is ultimately the greatest "unsung" singer/songwriter of the American 60’s. This remarkable film traces the star moments and the moments that got away. What remains today is a hugely gifted man, with a poet's soul, scathed by life and fame, yet ever smiling.” 

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders - Filmmaker

Executive Producers

Paul Lamont

Scott Sackett

William Kilduff

 Produced by Toward Castle Films and Skipping Stone Pictures in association with

the Center for Independent Documentary.


Partial funding was provided

by a generous grant from

the Tramuto Foundation


online contributors.  

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